Naked But Safe

A Better Life Choice.

Showcasing the emerging artist
Honoring Masters of the present and the past
Designers, performance groups, musicians, illustrators, improvised last minute artists of any kind. Can you find all the material you could care for about them online? For most magazines, the answer is yes. Know this is not the case here. Nakedbutsafe is not a “fanatic” of the unknown but a fan of everything unique and n...ew. We celebrate people that we encountered in our journeys; people who managed to make us “feel”. To make us be emotional, to make us cry, laugh or even wonder what is that they do.
So what is it that they do? These people live for and from what they do or maybe they just do it today and by the time you read this they have moved onto a new experience. But you know what? When we met them, it was them, 100% of them. This is our intellectual approach to life. Life is not a predefined plan (even if it seems so often much like this) with steps to take. Don’t be fooled. These awesome people never fell into the routine or the “common” behavior. They are here to live their lives their way and hopefully influence a few others in the process.
They certainly did that with us here at Nakedbutsafe. Together with the emerging young unknown artists, we present a careful selection of masters in their field, focusing again on who is not so extensively known yet, but is already a master for us.

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