Frankie N69 Xmas Bumper Issue

Ooh! It’s that day that only comes around every two months, and it’s filled with heady excitement and large elements of squee: ladies and gentlemen, it’s frankie day! Yep, issue 69 is on sale today and it’s stuffed full of awesome extras for you. We have gift tags and cards from the clever types at Able & Game; special pull-out notepaper from Beci Orpin, Laura Blythman, Amy Borrell and Grace Lee; a massive (and super-handy!) 2016 wall planner; and a cute pooch-themed art poster, too. As for reads, well – we’ve got them too. We chat to some interesting folk – like Sarah Blasko, Lawrence Leung and Annabel Crabb – about what they got up to this year, visit a Detroit house that became a floral art installation, catch up with the director of Suffragette and present a completely unreliable guide to hanging around in the supermarket refrigerated section during the summer heat. There’s an explanation for poo emoji, a trip to Vietnam’s far north, a guide to break-up care packages (may contain Alanis Morissette) and an honest-to-goodness Baby-sitters Club themed fashion shoot, so we can all find out what Claudia, Mary Anne and Kristy would be wearing right now. We meet a Brisbane lady promoting so-bad-it’s-good fiction, learn how to craft a retro-style pot holder, ponder the best things to do while depressed and discover the secret history of gin and sunglasses. There may also be some discussion of first crushes, so everyone’s heart can beat a little faster at the mention of Drazic from Heartbreak High. Plus there’s all our regular arty and crafty bits, design, fashion, photography and interiors, real-life reads and things to chuckle uproariously at. Enjoy!

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