Fantastic Man N19

The week’s sad news of BORIS BECKER’s hospitalisation for a broken hip coincides with the exciting news of the tennis star’s appearance on the COVER of the brand new issue of Fantastic Man for Spring & Summer 2014. On said cover the German tennis legend can still be seen in full action mode, photographed by JUERGEN TELLER at WIMBLEDON’s tennis club. Obviously Mr. BECKER is currently taking a break from his latest incarnation as the world’s most recognisable coach due to his injury. But, as his candid interview with CAROLINE ROUX reveals, there’s nothing the man formerly known as “BOOM BOOM” relishes more than a challenging comeback. Hopefully he’ll be well again soon. Other interesting gentlemen featured in this issue of Fantastic Man include singer STUART MURDOCH of BELLE AND SEBASTIAN fame, CNN International broadcaster RICHARD QUEST, and Russian designer GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY. Plus: a visual and textual study of the stains that can soil the most cherished garments (entitled “WHOOPS!”) and much, much more. The magazine is currently available on the newsstands of LONDON, and will travel further afield in due course.

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