The best things happen when you dare to follow your heart. And that’s exactly what we did when we hatched this idea for a new Dutch magazine in an attic room several years ago. We dreamed of a magazine with which we could explore our love of paper. A magazine of unhurried time, all about doing things differently and making new choices. Small happiness, daily life and the beauty of not always managing to be perfect. That is how Flow began. Flow is all about positive psychology, mindfulness, creativity and the beauty of imperfection. We love illustrations and in each issue there is a gift made of our much-loved paper. We print the magazine itself on different types of paper.

Excited to see the contents of Flow Issue 11? We’ve made a little list of things to read:

* Lead Story: Ode to Imitation
We’re always urged to be authentic, original and innovative. But sometimes, copying is the best way to learn something, and imitation can be a beneficial step towards creation.

* Interview with Arianna Huffington
The former political commentator, and founder of The Huffington Post is a major figure in international media. After a real wake-up call a few years ago, she discovered how to balance her life, allowing time for meditation, reflection and…naps.

* My house, your holiday
What’s that like, taking a vacation among someone else’s things? Or when people use your house as their holiday destination? Our reporter explores house swapping and Airbnb.

Extras in this issue
* Timeline with paste ’em stickers
*Flow Gallery

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